California Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

California recently passed a law, beginning July 1, 2015, mandating that all employers offer paid sick leave to their employees. Please review the attached memorandum that explains in detail how this new law may affect you.

California Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Memorandum

What does the law require me to do?

  1. Print this notice, and post it in your workplace: The law requires that you print this notice on 8.5” x 11” paper and post it in an area of your workplace where it can be easily viewed by employees.
  2. Send out an updated Non-Exempt Employee Notice (Labor Code 2810.5 Notice): The law requires you send this notification to all employees.
  3. Adjust your sick leave policy to satisfy the minimum requirement: You’ll need to either front-load at least twenty-four (24) hours of sick leave at the beginning of each year or track hours worked and provide an accrual policy that grants at least one hour of sick leave for every thirty (30) hours worked.
    • If you already have a sick leave policy, you may need to adjust employee balances to make sure that all of your employees have at least 24 hours of available sick leave as of July 1, 2015, when the requirement becomes mandatory.
    • Please note that if you have an unlimited PTO policy, you will still need to separately track sick leave.
  4. Display each employee’s sick leave balance on a written statement: The law requires that you create written statements or include sick leave balances in wage statements at the conclusion of every pay period. 

You can find answers to FAQs on the state’s website here. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


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